Seach Engine Optimization

Score on Google and reach the top search results!

Being the number 1 on Google is important for the amount of visitors that reach your website. As number 1 on Google you receive about 33% of the clicks, while als you drop to number 2 you receive 15% of the clicks. The further you drop the lower the amount of visitors.

Moreover, when you don’t invest in Search Engine Optimization while your competitors do, you will fall even further behind. So, it’s time to start investing in Search Engine Optimization!

search engine optimization

What includes Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is all about adapting your website with the aim of making your website score higher in the unpaid Google search results

How do we do this:

  • By making your website relevant for you visitors
  • By doing keyword research 
  • Implementing the best keywords
  • Creating unique content 
  • By making your website fast en easy